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These Were The Best 5 Coloured Braids Hairstyles We Saw In 2018

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This summer 2018 we are bringing out colourful hairstyles.

This year we were all about going bold! We love how many ladies are embraced the colourful braid hairstyles without no apologies! Good job. When you are scheming for your next box braid hairstyle in 2019, check out these bold beautiful colours to try out. Black girls look good in any colour, from purple to orange and red these colours are fun and vibrant. 2018 was not to be messed with!

Here are 5 colourful braid hairstyles to rock this summer:
1. Purple Braids.

Purple braids are quite good if you ask me. It depends on the shade of purple that you decide to go with. To accentuate your braids try have some gold accessories.

coloured braids for 2018

Source: Instagram

2. Brown Braids.

Brown braids are the best braids to rock and every girls go to braid colour. They are versatile, you can rock them at your summer job and at the vacation with your friends. If you are not sure about what colour to go with, brown is your best choice.

coloured braids for 2018

Source: Instagram

3. Maroon Braids.

If you are not going to rock bold colours this summer, then this is the perfect colour for you. Maroon braids are cute and simple, the colour blends in with all skin tones plus outfits, lucky you! Get a deep shade of maroon and you will not regret it.

coloured braids for 2018

Source: Instagram

4. Teal Green Braids.

Summer is all about being bold and going all out! These teal green braids are to die for! They will bring so much attention to you during your summer vacation and you need to rock it without no fail.

coloured braid hairstyles

Source: Instagram

5. Mix Of Blonde Braids.

This year you can rock a mixture of blonde and and white braids. Try to be adventurous with this hairstyle. A tip to take away is to ensure that you get the right shade of blonde that goes with your skin tone.

coloured braids for 2018

Source: Instagram

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