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Check This Out! 3 Ways To Protect Your Hairline While Wearing Braids

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Save your edges girl.

The most common complaint about wearing braids is the toll it takes on your hairline. It may be stylish, but it can really cost your hairline. The soft hairs near your forehead are the most susceptible to damage. Unless you take preventive measures, these hairs can easily break off your otherwise magnificent mane. Therefore, it’s important to protect your hairline from balding. It’s not a good look ladies.

Here Are 3 Simple Ways To Protect Your Hairline:
1. Not Too Tight.

Never let your braids be put in too tightly. Tight braids does not mean your hair will last longer, as some people may think. it only puts stress on the root of your hair, and causes hair loss. Also, your stylist does not have to braid every strand of your edges. Leave out tiny wisp of hair and brush it down with a boar bristle brush. Lay your edges!

Protect Your Hairline

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2. Touch Up.

Get a touch-up around your edges every 4 to 6 weeks. This is one of the most single important thing to do to your hair while in braids to preserve your hairline. As the new growth appears, the weight if the bulk hair around your hairline tends to weigh on the new growth causing breakage, so touching up your line helps eliminate that problem.

Protect Your Hairline

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3. Oil Treatment.

Do a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment to your hair before getting the braids done. This gives your edges the extra strength it needs to withstand the pulling and everything else.

Protect Your Hairline

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These preventive steps will keep your hair from getting dry and brittle and help you avoid stressing your hair.

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