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Campus Chicks, Here Are 5 DIY Beauty Hacks For Flawless Skin On A Budget

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Who remembers when the holidays were full of endless chapos and fried foods?
School’s back in full swing and most of us are trying to undo the damage we did over Christmas – eating everything in sight with no concern (oh the good times). The endless greasy food and fizzy drinks has seen our skin break out in ways we couldn’t even imagine. Here are some quick and affordable hacks to restore your skin to its glory once again.
1. At home coffee scrub to get rid of dead skin

Exfoliating your skin is vital to having a glow all semester – with or without makeup. Get some coffee or sugar from the canteen and mix it with coconut oil or olive oil until it forms a paste. After you’ve washed your face, gently rub this mixture onto your face, taking extra care around the eye area. Rinse it off and boom – fresh faced, glowing skin.


2. Make your own mask to remove blackheads for a fraction of the price

This really couldn’t be any easier. Grab a bowl, crack an egg into it, remove the yolk then apply the egg whites onto your clean, dry face. Next take some tissue and lay it on top of the egg whites and wait for it to dry down and harden up. Peel the dry mask off (such a satisfying feeling btw) and enjoy smoother, blackhead free goodness.


3. Toothpaste to get rid of acne

Yes, you read that right. Toothpaste is great for drying out those pesky pimples and significantly reducing size and redness. This works best as a spot treatment as opposed to being used as a mask for the entire face. Make sure it’s the plain white toothpaste though, don’t try this with toothpaste that has any colour or extra bits in it.

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4. Apple cider and rosewater as a toner

This natural combo is great to do right before you go to bed after you’ve cleansed your face. The anti-bacterial agents in the vinegar help to fight unwanted breakouts while the rosewater keeps your skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth.


5. Take your makeup off with cotton and coconut oil

We’ve heard this song over and over again – never go to bed with your makeup on! Premature ageing and wrinkles are not what we’re after ladies. Micellar water might not be for everyone but a cheaper alternative that works just as well is good old cotton wool and coconut oil! Swipe a little oil over your face and even that pesky waterproof mascara will simply glide off.



What other tips and tricks are helping you get through the semester without breaking the bank?






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