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3 Hairstyles On Your Wedding Day That Will Surely Get His Ex Girlfriend Mad!

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Have you ever thought of what bridal hairstyle you’ll have when walking down the aisle?

When you imagine walking down that beautifully decorated aisle you consider how you’ll look from your bridal gown to the shoes you’ll have on, the makeup and the hairstyle you’ll have. Your hair is your crown remember that. Being the bride you have to make sure that your hairstyle is head turning, that your hairstyle will definitely have people being envious. Get creative with your hairstyles. Find good hairstylists that will bring your vision to life.

Here are 3 bridal wedding hairstyles to consider:
1.  All natural.

Any bride to be with natural hair, you have some really good options. You can go all out and be as creative as you want with your bridal hairstyle. Let your hairstylist know what you prefer and if you would want to add some colour to spice up your natural hairstyle that would be fir for your wedding. One hairstyle to try is the flat twist trend as you get to walk down that aisle.

wedding bridal hairstyle kenya

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2. Wig it.

Run out of options? Well, try considering a lace wig. Get a good lace wig that will not have you embarrassed at the altar. You can decide to add a bit of colour to your lace wig to make it pop and be vibrant.

wedding bridal hairstyles

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3. Relaxed Hair.

If you have relaxed hair look no further! Your bridal hairstyle can make you look from drab to fab within hours before you walk down that aisle. Get to add different hair accessories just as flowers to accentuate the beauty of the hair.

wedding bridal hairstyles kenya

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What type of hairstyle will you consider to do?

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