These Are The Bridal Braided Hairstyles To Look For In 2018

Getting Married This Year? Here Are 4 Bridal Hairstyles To Look Out For!

Hey ladies! Getting married soon? This is for you.

Wedding season will not have us with our bad hairstyles. This year we are going to get people talking with bomb braid hairstyles at the weddings. Many Kenyan brides opt for their natural hair being open where are you can easily have braided hairstyles that are pocket friendly and can serve you for a very long time. Braids that you can have this year consist of jumbo braids, Senegalese and Ghanaian braids as well. Play around with your creativity, ladies this year we are going to have cute trendy braid hairstyles at weddings.

Here Are 4 Bridal Braided Hairstyles To Have This Year:
1. Braided Updos.

This is a hairstyle that I would go for immediately! it looks neat, beautiful and simple. Get statement accessories to go with your hairstyle. This is a look that you should go all out on jewellery and makeup.

bridal hairstyles for weddings

Source: Instagram

2. Senegalese Twists.

This is a hairstyle I tend to see most Kenyan women with. It’s easy to style, quick to do and pocket friendly. Make sure you pick braids that are light and easy to do.

bridal hairstyles for weddings

Source: Instagram

3. Ghanaian Braids.

Now this is a pretty cool hairstyle that brides need to have. This gorgeous bride is rocking these gorgeous braids. The hairstyle consists of small side lines mixed with jumbo cornrows. Just add hair accessories to the mix and you are ready to all down the aisle.

bridal hairstyles for weddings

Source :Instagram

4. Triangular Box Braids.

Well this is a new hairstyle to try this year for your wedding. This is a simple hairstyle that any bride can go for. It’s a simple triangular long twist as you leave an updo halfway. This style is cute and versatile for the bride who doesn’t want too much work done on her hair.

bridal hairstyles for weddings

Source: Instagram

Would you braid your hair on your wedding day? I know I would. Share your thoughts below.

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