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Girls! Do You Need A Break From Protective Hairstyles? Check This Out

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Do you need a break from protective hairstyles?

We all have those days when we just want to take a break from protective styles. You know those moments when you are so done with feeling your hair been yanked at the salon or the unbearable tension from tight braids. Worry not because we are here to show you how you can look good just by styling your natural hair. More than that, we want to have you sing these words from the song Nubian Delight by Acronym as your mantra.

“Eh, let’s talk about your crown. It’s pointed at the sun, why you wanna lay it down? OH, you turn heads every time you walk around.”

Here are 3 ways to wear your natural hair:
1. Beads and then more.

Who said natural hair has to be boring? Using beads is a super easy way to glam it up, just look at Wabosha Maxine serving us looks. Beads are not only affordable but they come in different styles and texture. You can choose the gold plated ones, sliver ones, wooden ones, coloured ones or even cowrie shells. Know what works for you and do you!

ine wabosha natural hairstyles

Source: Instagram

2. Go in with a part.

We are almost at the end of 2018 and the least we can do is to just be a little more extra. Fros are beautiful and all but why stop at that when you can spruce it up with just one move. Creating a part. It can be a side part or a mid-part and guess what? Your part doesn’t have to be perfect. How good does My Kenyan Puff look in this hairdo?

mykenyanpuff natural hair

Source: Instagram

3. Half top bun.

Ever had those moments where you have been wearing twist outs for a while and your hair just needs revival? Sister, the half top bun is what you have been praying for. We just love how amazing Joanna looks.

joannakinuthia natural hairstyle

Source: Instagram

Tell us, which is your go to natural hairstyle? How are you stepping out into the sunshine?

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