5 Box Braids Pictures That Will Make You Get Braided ASAP (Photos) – ZUMI

5 Box Braids Pictures That Will Make You Get Braided ASAP (Photos)

box braids inspirations
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The rains are coming and we need to protect our natural hair. Naturalistas need to do whatever it takes to cover up their hair. Box braids are perfect, easy to do and pocket-friendly. We have gathered 5 box braid inspirations to kick start your Monday.

Here Are Some Box Braids Styles That We Have Fallen In Love With:
1. Fringe Box Braids.

These are fun ways to do box braids, don’t you think? This type of box braids is perfect for women with round faces.

2. Jumbo Box Braids.

If you aren’t a fan of sitting for long hours, why not try jumbo box braids? Add some flair by having simple cornrows as well.

3. Blonde Brown Box Braids.

This is a colour to try out if you are a first timer. This colour looks good with all skin types.

4. White Jumbo Box Braids.

Are you daring enough? Then this is the colour you ought to go for when braiding. It’s loud and bold and for the woman who can handle the attention.

5. Purple Box Braids.

This is such a cute colour to have on! The best thing about purple coloured braids is everyone looks amazing with it.

box braids inspirations

Source: Instagram/imsors

So would you try any of these box braids? Let us know which one.

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