Blonde Or Brunette Weave Hairstyle? What Are You Getting Done? - ZUMI

Blonde Or Brunette Weave Hairstyle? What Are You Getting Done?

Blondes vs Brunettes . It really is an age-old saga

We are in 2018 pris. You can choose to be any color, age, gender or race, why not choose the color of your hair? I mean, you need to slay everywhere and we do mean everywhere. House party? Slay. Picnic? Slay. Beach? Who is even asking these questions because the answer will always be slay. Wondering what your weave hairstyle says about you? Check them out here! 

Blond and Brunette Weave hairstyle - Zumi

Source: Zumi


1.The Prima Fierce Brunette

This weave screams bad ass. There’s something about wild dark curls that says I’m sensual and dark and I will probably turn your boring Christmas party into a proper lit-uation. Pair this with an LBD and thigh high boots and you will be serving slayage left, right and centre.


Brunette weave hairstyle - Zumi

Source: Zumi

2.The Diva Crown Vivacious Blonde

Blondes really do have the most fun. This weave makes everything look fabulous. Dinner with the boyfriend’s parents? This is the weave. Brunch in the hottest brunch joint? This weave. Diani with the girls? Bingo!

Blonde - Weave Hairstyle - Zumi

Source: Zumi

Whatever look you go for, make sure it achieves one thing and one thing only… hot AF. Share pics of your favourite weave with us! Have you spotted your hairstyle, then check out their website.

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