This Beautiful Vanity Set Will Cost You This Much #HomeDeco – ZUMI

This Beautiful Vanity Set Will Cost You This Much #HomeDeco

Makeup Organizer Vanity Set Kenya
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I am a makeup hoarder and there are many women in Kenya who love to buy and keep many brands of makeup. Throwing out makeup is recommended but who follows the rules anyway? One massive disadvantage that comes with owning a lot of makeup is the storage space. Some women stuff their makeup in drawers that come in wardrobes, some have makeup cases that act as storage space for the countless items, in bags and some even store them in suitcases.Poor storage is bad for your makeup because the pallets could easily break, the lipstick could smear on clothing and other items and the most heartbreaking feeling is when powder breaks.

Makeup Organizer Vanity Set Kenya

Source: Charlotte/Instagram

The best solution for all these issues is finding storage specifically for your makeup, perfumes, hair products and oils. There are many vanity cases that have been made specifically for this task but none is as beautiful as this one. This vanity set that is owned by blogger Charlotte Lianne Smith is everything we all wish our dressing tables looked like. The secret to saving money on makeup purchases is to buy high quality makeup and to also store your existing products properly to avoid damage and breakage.

You can get a similar vanity set from Organized Planet, Beaver Timber and Ayanah Furniture. Some of these stores will even offer to custom make your vanity set to your specifications. The prices for a similar vanity set is between Ksh 30,000 and Ksh 85,000.

Which makeup store do you shop from? Here are the makeup store that sell original makeup in Kenya.