Find Out Which Red Lipstick Is Perfect For Coloured Women

Battle Of The Red Lipstick! Nouba Vs. Huddah (Take The Poll)

Nouba Vs. Huddah Red Lipstick, Zumi Kenya
Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world!

Red lipstick is one of the most timeless and classic ways to instantly add pizzazz to your entire look! Matte lipstick has especially taken the market by storm and we are all here for it. Today we have put two leading lipstick brands head-to-head and you know we have to ask! Nouba or Huddah red lipstick?

1. Nouba Millebaci. 

This Italian brand came to Kenya and blew all the ladies away with the variety of matte lipsticks. Nouba lipsticks are renowned for their ability to last all day and for their striking appeal. Their range of red lipstick, Nouba No. 46 and 7, are favourites among the Nairobi slay sect and we can definitely see why! When the brand first hit the Kenyan market, the price of lipsticks was Kshs. 1,600 but as costs went up, the price shot up to Kshs. 2,900.

Nouba Vs. Huddah Red Lipstick, Zumi Kenya

Photo: Anita Nderu c/o Nakshi Nouba. 

Nouba Vs. Huddah Red Lipstick, Zumi Kenya

Photo: This Is Ess c/o Nakshi Nouba.

2. Huddah Lipstick. 

Beauty entrepreneur, Huddah Monroe, recently launched a wide range of makeup products and to say her lipsticks have taken the Nairobi market by storm would be an understatement! The users of Huddah lipsticks swear by the product and we definitely love the alluring, velvet finish, plus her Kshs. 1,000 pricing point is quite attractive! Her red lipstick range includes Luscious Red, Vamp and Desire and we love all three!

Nouba Vs. Huddah Red Lipstick, Zumi Kenya

Photo: Huddah Monroe c/o Huddah Lipstick

Nouba Vs. Huddah Red Lipstick, Zumi Kenya

Photo: Kate Actress c/o Huddah Lipstick.

We know this is a tough one, but… Vote and let us know your thoughts!


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