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Say No More! 3 Secret Tips To Save You From Bad Hair Days

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No more bad hair days ladies!

We all have them, we all hate them. They arrive unexpectedly and refuse to be handled, the bad hair day struggle is real ladies. African hair ranges from 3a to 4c, the lower on the number on the scale, the easier it is to manage due to its softer nature. But we all have bad hair days, here are some things you can try when in a fix:

Here Are 3 Fun Ways To Keep Your Bad Hair Days Away:
1. Head Wraps

The ultimate bad hair day fix. It takes all of 2 minutes to tie a wrap and there’s are about a million head wrap styles you can try.


source: vogue

2. Slap On A Wig Sis!

They’ll never know the difference. Keep two or three wigs at the ready because a bad hair day will never announce itself.

avril wigs style

Source: Instagram/Avril 

3. Let Your Fro Flow

Depending on your hair length, your fro look is completely up to you. If your edges are out of control then use a scarf or a bandana style during a bad hair day.

bad hair day afro

source: allure

You no longer have to entertain those bad hair days or walk in shame. Try these tips and never have a dull moment.




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