8 Gorgeous Hairstyles That Have Made 2017 Truly Memorable – ZUMI

8 Gorgeous Hairstyles That Have Made 2017 Truly Memorable

Relaxed Tapered Haircut Hair Zumi
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When we are just about to change hairstyles, the Zumi Hair category is a must visit because of the countless hairstyles.

We have posted from celebrities and Instagram fashionistas who are always on a hairstyle quest. This year has been packed with a wide variety of hairstyles from Beyonce’s cornrow braids to Vera Sidika’s blue hair. We have seen it all when it comes to length and color.

These are indeed the coolest hairstyles so far this year.

1. Vera Sidika’s blue hair caused a stir on social media with many saying it looked fantastic and there were those who thought she looked too plastic.
Vera Sidika Blue Human Hair Zumi

Source: Vera Sidika / Instagram


2. Grace Msalame’s tapered cut was sheer perfection because she looks extremely good in the easily achievable look.

Source: Grace Msalame / Instagram


3. Being the year of the carefree hairstyles, Kenyan women got to take a break from the relaxers and went natural.
dyeing hair- Zumi

Source: luvtobnatural.com


4. In 2017, dreadlocks rose to hairstyle fame because of their ability to look carefree and also made up at the same time.
Fringed Dreadlocks Hairstyle Zumi

Source: Facebook


5. Cornrows were very popular this year with the goddess braids taking the day as the most popular hairstyle yet. Some people even went to the extreme and added laces on their cornrows.
Hair Accessories Kenya Zumi

Source: Daily mail

6. Over accessorized braids were very popular with the daring generation Y. All sorts of beads and charms were used to transform any ordinary braids to unique pieces of art.
Hair Accessories Kenya Zumi

Source: Pinterest


7. The space buns were very hard to miss on Moi Avenue every evening when campus students were heading home from school.
Zumi space buns

Source: Black Beauty Hair


8. Faux dreadlocks were the most popular hairstyle for those who wanted to go ‘rasta’ without twisting their own hair.
zumi hairstyles

Source: Pinterest

Which hairstyle did you try this year? Here are the hairstyles that stood out at the thrift social event.




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