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Bantu Knot Outs Made Easy! 5 Steps To Get You That Bouncy Curly Mane

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This is possibly the trendiest natural hairstyle of 2018!

Bantu Knots have been around forever, but we cannot seem to get over the stunning new recreations of this gorgeous way to flaunt our natural hair. Through successful trial and error, we have managed to simplify the art of perfecting this hairstyle to just 5 tips!

1. Prep Your Hair. 

Detangled and moisturized hair is always the first step to achieving desired results, as far as natural hairstyles go. If you are working with wet or damp hair, then you should definitely factor in more drying time. Chances are, your knots will not dry overnight, so give it about two days before unraveling them.

Natural Hair Styles Kenya Zumi

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2. Product.

Unless you are new to natural hair, you are probably familiar with the LOC method. LOC is an acronym which stands for Liquid/Leave-In Conditioner, Oil and Cream, and involves applying the relevant products in the acronym order.

Natural Hairstyles Kenya Zumi

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3. Sections and Knot Size.

This is crucial to achieving a successful bantu knot out and is dependent on what you would like to achieve and of course, your hair type. If your end game is a loose and wavy curl, your sections/knot sizes should be medium to large. If you are looking to achieve a tighter and more defined curl, your knots should be much smaller. The latter works to give the illusion of more volume for those with finer hair.

Natural Hairstyles Kenya Zumi

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4. Unraveling.

Once the hair is dry and you are ready to unravel, apply a light oil on your hands and carefully undo each bantu knot. Be careful not to pull or tamper with the form of the achieved curls and then go back and separate/loosen the curls further to fill the spaces created by the sections. The final step is to mist your hair with a spritz of your choice then head out the door to turn heads with your perfect knot out! 😀

5. Maintenance.

Knot outs last about 7-10 days, but by the third or fourth, you might want to look into creative ways to pin the hair, concealing areas that have straightened out while still flaunting the curls that are soldiering on. A fro-hawk is great for the funky and adventurous, or a simple pineapple up-do for some understated elegance.

Natural Hairstyles Kenya Zumi

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 Happy styling!

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