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Add These 4 Spices To Your Diet for Clear Skin

skin clearing spices to add to your diet
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We would all kill for perfect, radiant, clear skin.

Rather than expensive topical products, what most of us don’t realize is our diet could hold the secret to our best skin yet. If you’re having a hard time eating well, you need to spice up your diet, literally. Some spices aren’t just good for you on the inside but also on the outside. So if you’re all about finding that perfect radiant skin, read on:

Here Are 4 Skin Clearing Spices You Need To Keep On Your Grocery List:
1. Ginger

The roots and rhizomes of ginger have properties that are good for your skin, providing a soothing and calming effect.


2. Cinnamon

It contains antimicrobial properties, which calm and tighten skin. It also has a chemical compound, cinnamaldehyde, which delivers nutrients and oxygen to the skin giving it a radiant glow.

Source: Martha Stewart

3. Paprika

Antioxidants present in the spice like Vitamin C, E, and carotenoids, which give it it’s colour, are good for your skin. Vitamin C speeds up the production of collagen which strengthens the skin and replaces dead skin cells.

Source: Martha Stewart

4. Tumeric

It gives you a youthful glow by boosting the production of collagen. This helps increase skin elasticity and can speed up your body’s skin repair process.

Source: dherbs

There you have it! Will you be buying these spices to boost your skin?




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