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5 Kenyan Celebrities With The Coolest Salons In Nairobi

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Vera, Betty, Wahu, Kalekye and Susan Kaitanny have one thing in common.

When these celebrities thought about starting a business, so many things must have gone through their minds. Will the business be a success, will people like the business as much as they liked the celebrity? Many celebrities have tried their hand in business but some are not hardworking enough! These women shed sweat, tears and a lot of money and now have their own thriving salons and spas.

These are the coolest celebrity owned salons in Nairobi.
Posh Palace.

Owned by the beautiful Susan Kaitanny, the salon has become one of the most popular salons in Nairobi’s Kilimani area.

Susan Kaittany Posh Palace Interview Zumi

Source: Susan Kaittany/Instagram

Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour.

This is the latest sensation and just like everything Vera, it looks like a gem.

Vera Sidika Beauty Parlor

Source: Instagram.

Flair By Betty.

The salon by Betty Kyalo was opened in the middle a lot of drama but it seems that that is under the rug now.

Julie Gichuru Hairstyles Kenya 2018

Source: Betty Kyalo/Instagram

Black Butterfly.

Kalekye Mumo is the brain behind this salon in Westlands. This explains why she always has hair that looks heavenly every day.

kenyan plus size fashion

Source: Instagram/KalekyeMumo

Afro Siri.

The salon owned by Wahu Kagwi is the most popular salon in Nairobi at the moment because all the celebrities and the coolest projects are done at their salon.

Wahu Kagwi Kenya Short Hair Kenya Zumi

Source: WahuKagwi/Instagram

Which Celebrity owned salon have you been to before? Here is what Vera Sidika’s salon looks like.