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5 Hairstyles Men Want To See On Women In 2019

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Men will  go gaga for you in these hairstyles.

There have been some beauty trends that men don’t really care too much about. How a hairstyle looks on you generally depends on your face shape, and your overall features at the end of the day. However, there are certain hairstyles that will make men go nuts over you..and they might even ask for your number. Spoiler alert, it’s not anything too colorful.

Here are 5 hairstyles men love to see women rock:
1. A loose braid.

Especially one to the side. This look great on Chrissy Teigan, however this will look amazing on girls with a round face. It’s attractive because it’s messy, but in a sexy way.

2. A piece y-updo.

This looks appealing because it’s got that messy effortless vibe, but it still looks clean and stylish. Square, and oval face shaped girls will pull this off amazingly.


3. Long and straight.

For round faced girls, this look will really bring out your cheekbones, and what’s more attractive than that? Even for those who have different face shapes, try this hairstyle out. It definitely brings out your forehead too, but that’s the East African beauty standard right?

4. A slick high ponytail.

This will bring out your facial features. Also it has a youthful vibe to it that men get naughty thoughts about.

hairstyles men love on women

image: Pinterest

5. Your natural hair.

So many men claim they prefer a more natural woman. If that’s the case, go ahead and rock that beautiful natural hair.

hairstyles men love on women

image: Pinterest

What hairstyle does your bae like on you?

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