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5 Kenyan Celeb Babies Who Are Simply Hair Goals

Featured image: Ghafla
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Some children are just gifted.

Most of us probably had great hair when we were babies, but when we reached a certain age, Pinterest and Youtube vloggers somehow convinced us to undertake the big chop, and since then, our hair has never really been the same. All some of us have left is just okay hair and a simple memory of how amazing it once was. Meanwhile, these celeb babies are living their best hair life.

1. Heaven Bahati

Heaven Bahati is growing up before our very eyes. But that’s not the only thing that’s growing. Her hair is looking good, and it’s only what some of us can dream of. Those little curls are to die for. Are you jealous?


image: instagram/dianamarua

2. Fatmah

Steve Mbogo’s eldest baby girl is becoming just as beautiful as her mother, Sabrina Jamal. That includes inheriting her beautiful, long, black and curly hair.

celeb baby hair goals

image: Pulselive.co.ke

3. Zawadi and Raha

These two twins are too adorable, and how they always have matching hairstyles is even cuter. These two the perfect hairstyle inspiration if you have your own little girls.

celeb baby hair inspiration

image: Classic 105

4. Keepitreal Favour Dydda

Eko Dydda firstborn son has some beautiful long locks for his age. Since he’s home-schooled, a choice that was his father’s, he’ll probably continue growing them out until he’ll want a change.

Image result for Keepitreal Favour Dydda

5. Prince Oyoo and Prince Ojwang’

Akothee’s two sons are usually seen with their hair short. However, you can see their beautiful brown curls once in a while when they grow them out. These are going to be two very handsome boys.


image: Msanii

It’s really rare at the time to find kids who have good hair. Some parents choose to keep their kid’s hair short or always braided but clearly, it’s possible to have fantastic hair from the looks of things.

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