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4 Ways To Remove Makeup Stains

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If you’re a makeup fan you must have dealt with makeup stains by now.

One of the reasons you might avoid makeup or dressing in white clothes is because you don’t want to stain your clothes. For some of us wearing white means being on a diet just so we can get to the end of the day without any stains! And also wearing minimal makeup because there’s nothing worse than finding your foundation on your white-collar at 5pm. As long as you or the people around you own makeup, spills and accidents are bound to happen. How do you get that all-day wear lipstick out? Use these tips to make your life easier.

1. Use a makeup wipe

This sounds rather obvious but then again. Makeup artists actually use makeup wipes to get stains off clothes especially in fashion shows. Use the wipe to blot or rub the offending makeup stain until it’s lifted away. If you don’t own makeup wipes, just read on.

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2. Surgical Spirit

Break some out of your home first aid kit. If I were you I’d use the clear spirit rather than the purple methylated spirit. If you don’t have a first aid kit, you can build one pole pole, just make sure you eventually have all the key things. So once you have it, soak a cotton pad or ball, or even a corner of your face towel in the spirit and then rub it over the makeup stain. Surgical spirit is particularly good at breaking down oily and waxy stains, so bring those lipstick and mascara stains.

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3. Use shaving cream

If you search online for how to remove a makeup stain, you’ll read about how shaving cream can supposedly help. We tried it, but for some reason, it didn’t work despite some serious scrubbing. And some fabrics can only take so much. We don’t know if a person needs any special skills to do it, but try it – it may work for you. For those of us who don’t use shaving cream regularly or live with people who use it, next.

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4. Stock up on a good detergent.

Sometimes there’s a simple solution to a problem, and friends, this is it. We recently tried out the new Ariel with a touch of Downy on different makeup stains and were surprised (and thrilled!) with the results. So while it’s not very DIY of us, we actually want to say the best thing you can do is find an effective detergent. It will take your makeup (and all other dirt and stains) right off, and the touch of Downy is like a two for one – detergent and softener! Plus it just means stocking one thing as opposed to 5. Because I like to take off my stains personally – I have to say that I also noticed how gentle it was on my hands – so the whole experience was ok. Somehow laundry day isn’t that bad anymore.

Check out our video:

So if you don’t have half of the things on this list just keep your shopping list the same, as long as you’re switching to Ariel – especially the one that comes with a touch of Downy. It’s reliable and gentle, not only cleaning clothes thoroughly but also really leaving both our hands and our clothes soft, and with a lasting fresh smell. It’s available everywhere. You’re Welcome.