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4 Struggles Every Naturalista Can Definitely Relate To

Naturalista struggles
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Can you relate to these struggles?

We as naturalista struggle a lot right? If it’s not our arms hurting because of the constant de-tangling of hair, becoming a product junkie, let’s just say that the struggles are real. Many naturalista will confess to these funny struggles. Grab your fellow naturalista and have a good laugh at this.

Here Are 4 Common Struggles Ever Naturalista Goes Through:
1. Shrinkage Is A Never Ending Battle.

No matter how much we straighten our hair, it always shrinks! What’s up with that, we need to prosper in peace right? Saddest thing is we can’t flaunt our hair length for too long.

2. Box Braids Is Your Favourite Protective Style.

Who doesn’t love box braids? Especially when the length is long! All girls who have natural hair will always dash to the salon to get those lovely box braids.

3. You’ve Considered Putting On Chemical.

Like every damn time right? You get tired of buying all these expensive hair products, having no heat on your hair, it’s actually expensive and you’d rather just have chemical on.

4. You Never Throw Out Your Old Tooth-Brush!

Oh yes! Since we want our edges laid and hair all sleek back, you are constantly buying the big tub of eco-styler gel. First of all you don’t like sharing it and you always have that dirty old tooth brush for your edges. Have we lied?


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