3 Times Lillian Muli Wowed us With Her Gorgeous Hairstyles

3 Times Lillian Muli Wowed us With Her Gorgeous Hairstyles

lilian muli hairstyles
Doesn’t she look lovely?

Lillian Muli sure knows how to choose the right hairstyles. Today we are going to take some tips and hairstyle inspirations from this lovely lady. She can rock bangs, short bobs to long wavy hair without breaking a sweat.

Here Are The 3 Hairstyles We Loved:
1. Long & Wavy.

This is the look she loves the most, and it does suit her to be honest. You can never go wrong with a long black wavy wig or weave.

2. Bang Bang Baby.

Now Lillian Muli has the perfect face shape for this hairstyle. Bangs are are cute way to look younger and to explore different hairstyles. Plus the hair colour, gorgeous!

3. Head Scarf Swag.

This is so trendy and we believe she should experiment more with head-scarfs and turbans. She looks like a young girl who is ready to explore the world.

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