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3 Men Who Completely Slayed The Wig Game

men in wigs
Featured image: Instagram
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Women step aside, these men are showing us how slaying wigs is done.

Wigs are more popular than ever, and for good reason. They are convenient. Unlike it’s weave counterpart, you can slay on the streets with a wig, and remove it once you get comfortable at home. Every woman should essentially own at least one good wig, and these men will show you how to slay in them.

These 3 men who completely slayed the wig game:
1. Thulasizwe Dambuza.

A South African comedian in his own right, this young boy hasn’t even started University and is already getting endorsements with Fanta. He is gay, but being gay is legal in South Africa. He has managed to gain a large audience with his funny videos and his occasional divalicious style.

men in wigs

image: lasizwe

2. Kway.

You should head over to his guy’s Instagram account and thank me later. He is very straight, but his hilarious videos all feature his numerous female personalities, who all slay in their wigs…and makeup.

3. Jay.

This one is based right here in Kenya. He’s not as popular as the above two, but he knows how to bring some sauce. He doesn’t occasionally wear wigs, but he did this once and while it wasn’t a lace front, it looked pretty good. Don’t you think?

men in wiga

image: jaytakeapic

Have these men convinced you to get yourself a wig?

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