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6 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Insecurities

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Everyone gets insecure sometimes, Beyonce, Oprah, Olivia Pope, everyone!

Insecurity is a normal part of being human, but insecure thoughts can be like a plague or an evil negative roommate except they live in your head. But like crappy roommates, your insecurity can be evicted.

1. Create A Self-Esteem Spank Bank

Whenever you hear something positive about yourself or think something positive about yourself, store it in a mental file to look at when you are feeling low.

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2. Look Into Your Environment And Adjust Accordingly

There might be people in your life who are reinforcing your insecurities. Those people have to go.

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3. Take Social Media Breaks

Most people only post about the best parts of their lives which can make you feel kinda crapy about your life and yourself, even if you know that’s what’s happening. Taking breaks from social media can give you perspective on your reality, help you recharge and find gratitude and joy in your own unfolding story.

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4. Comparison Syndrome

Are you always looking into other people’s lives for validation on your own choices? Are you constantly trying to figure out what kind of phone Mr X has or what car Miss Y drives? Well, this can make your insecurities even worse, so instead of constantly looking around, look forward, walk your own journey.

5. Thou Shall Not Covet

When someone looks good or has something good going for them, compliment them. Don’t make it about what you don’t have.

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6. Re-purpose Your Social Media Diet To Help Your Self-Esteem

Find people with similar quarks, pages with art, affirmations, and people going through the same things as you. It is very important to see people like yourself and see them in a positive light (and see them frequently)

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There’s nothing worse than feeling insecure, you turn into a bitter annoying person who people are always trying to figure out. Instead of being someone who is burdened with emotions because of other people you just need to fall deeply in love with yourself and you will attract all the best things in life.

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