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5 Stages Of Labour Pain Every Woman Should Know

Source: Cincinnati birth photography
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These stages of labour pain should be known by every woman.

Giving birth is not just about pushing a baby out. Labour pains happen in different stages and if you don’t know these stages before you give birth, you’re in for a rude shock. I would rather be the patient that knows too much than the one who doesn’t know anything. When you know things, you can ask the right questions and doctors won’t play you for a fool. Here are the stages you need to know.

1. Early Labour Pain

This is the first part of it all, it typically lasts up to 6 hours or longer. The contractions are not as strong at this stage so you will feel them 30 to 60 seconds and pains will occur every five to 20 minutes, becoming stronger and occurring more frequently.

Source: Cincinnati birth photography

2. Active Labour Pain

This is when things get real, you’re now in that very painful stage. It could be from 2-8 hours and your cervix is preparing for the baby. Contractions continue to become longer, stronger and closer together, and your cervix dilates to 7 centimetres.

stages of labour

Source: Today’s Parent

3. Transition labour pain

Your cervix should have finished dilating and now you’re ready to push. The pain is infectious, you get pain in your groins, your back and your sides or thighs, as well as nausea.

4. Pushing Labour Pain

Now it’s time to push boo and it’s not going to be as easy but apparently it’s sort of relieving at the same time. It has been described as a long painful poop. You may experience a burning, stinging sensation around the vaginal opening as it stretches.

labour pains

Source: todaysparent.com

5. Placenta delivery

This part is not as exciting, the placenta apparently looks really disgusting. It can take up to 30 minutes and you may experience mild contraction until you ease out your placenta.

labour pains

Source: McGraw-Hill Medical

Honestly, all this sounds very scary and to be honest I don’t know why being a woman is so hard. However, if you’re pregnant that baby needs to come out and no matter which route you take, it’s never that easy but it will be fulfilling to see your baby, or so we hope.

Featured image: Cincinnati birth photography




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