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5 Reasons He Still Hasn’t Introduced You To His Parents

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Is he even serious about you?

Getting introduced to the parents is pretty next level in a relationship. However, there may be a few things hindering him from doing the same. You’re not always the problem, sometimes it’s him. That being said, here are a few reasons he hasn’t done it yet.

1. It’s Still Too Soon

He probably feels he needs to spend more time with you before introducing you. If it’s only been a few months to a year, maybe you are expecting too much too soon. Try be a little more patient.

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2. He’s Not Close To His Parents

He probably doesn’t have the most comfortable relationship with his parents, so that’s more his problem than yours. If that’s the case however, you’ll be happy to know he might stick around despite how his parents feel. He may also be embarrassed of his family and is prolonging the meet.

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3. He’s Not Serious About The Relationship

He doesn’t see the relationship going very far. So he doesn’t want to waste time having you meet his parents.


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4. You Might Be The Side Chick.

Oh damn, that’s gonna sting…but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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5. He’s Embarrassed About You

Maybe you aren’t what his parents expected him to date. He may hold them in high regard and is worried that he may not get their blessing. It can be because of your tribe, your occupation, your personality, among other possible reasons.


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The best way to know for sure is to just ask him.





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