Why These Men Think Dating An Independent Woman Is Hard AFZUMI

Why These Men Think Dating An Independent Woman Is Hard AF

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We are just going to get straight to the point, dating ya’ll is not a piece of cake!

Not that we have anything against independent women, no way! In fact, all you women out there who can hold your own are amazing. You have a fulfilling life with or without a man by your side and that’s a good thing. Whether it’s your career, great friends or fun hobbies, keeping you busy, you always have something to do and a relationship is not really a priority in your life, though it isn’t such a bad idea.

Some men hate the fact that a woman is not dependent on them; it drives them crazy. Others are just afraid of getting into a relationship with an independent woman and these two men tell us why.

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“I do love a woman who is able to do things for herself. I honestly don’t know a man who doesn’t. It’s sexy. The problem comes when she is too independent, if there’s anything like that. Sometimes it takes away or lessens the role of a man in the relationship when your lady wants to handle everything on her own. It kills our ego, let me admit. We sometimes feel intimidated by independent women because they literally can do everything that we as men can do for them. In a sense they don’t really need us and this is not the best feeling,” admits Paul.

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It is true that men may feel intimidated by a woman who especially has a successful career, maybe even more successful than theirs, but what is the big deal? Men are always going on about wanting women to work hard but when they do it’s too much? Zack is another man who can’t bear the thought of having his girlfriend just fine without him.

He says, “Independent women never have time! It’s good they have their own thing going on but when it comes to a relationship, a lot of them seem hot and cold. It’s like they want to be with you but at the same time you have to work extra hard to fit into their schedule. It should never be that way! If you commit to being in a relationship, make sure that you put your 100% in it!”

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Other men said that independent women can also come off as cold because they are mostly not clingy. They are used to doing things and making decisions on their own and this ‘do you’ attitude gets under the skin of some guys. But why lower your standards just so you can fit into someone’s else’s life?

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