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Made New Year Resolutions? Here’s A Strict Way To Make Sure You Stick To Them

New year new me…

Heard that one before. One too many times, actually. Setting new year goals is so easy but really sticking to them is the hardest part. This is because most of us go wrong when it comes to what we choose to go by which makes it really hard to execute.

Here a few things that just might come in handy when you’re trying to decide what MO will work for you in your year ahead.


1. Make your resolution into a question and not a statement.

This will juggle your brain into thinking about ways to go about it and you will crave to come up with a solution to your question because they spark creative thinking.

pretty little liars questions- Zumi



2. Consider the motive behind it.

Don’t just make a resolution for the sake of it, rather ask yourself why and if you have valid enough reasons, you’re more likely to stick to it.

new years resolution- Zumi



3. Be realistic.

Don’t expect to lose 10kg n a month if you’ve never worked out in your life.

new year resolution diet- Zumi



4. Get accountability.

Even if this means having someone to check with you on how your resolution is going, do it. It will push and motivate you to stick to whatever decision it is you made.

new years resolution end of year- Zumi



5. Make both long and short term goals.

This is because some things will take longer to achieve than others, so set your goals strategically.

new year resolution cats- Zumi



6. Have fun.

Your resolution can be a drag only if you let it be. Make it more interesting by being creative, having a positive mindset and of course treating yourself to all those guilty pleasures when you achieve something.

new years resolutions no regrets- Zumi




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