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What You Need To Do To Get That Annoying Guy To Stop Talking To You

Some people just can’t take a hint to save their lives.

When it comes to getting rid of a guy who is annoying you though, a hint is just not enough. You have to make your stand known to him and not let him assume that there’s any potential of the two of you growing.

There is the special few, who no matter what you do, still bother you and here’s a few brutal it’s the only way, trust me) ways you can get rid of him completely.


1. Sweetness achia lollipop. 

We usually don’t want to be rude and in the process behave in a cute or sweet way. No. Be affirmative and make sure to tell him off appropriately of course.

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2. Communication. 

Avoid constant communication with him, especially at night because this is the time all the players come out to play.

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3. No lovey dovey, touchy feely manenos. 

This one is when you are actually together or meet him somewhere. Act completely interested in anyone, literally anyone but him. It will piss him off for sure.

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4. Tell them you’re taken.

Even though you’re single AF just tell him you have a boyfriend, better yet, a girlfriend and that you don’t swing that way.

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5. Don’t lead him on. 

Don’t show him that you enjoy his attention or flirting or anything for that matter because he’ll think you’re interested in him if you do.

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6. Completely ignore. 

If all else fails, you have no choice but to just go all the way savage on him. Zero contact and communication. He’ll eventually leave you alone. Well this is if you had the patience to try all the above first.

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