What Happens After The Wedding? Miriam Reveals It All 2 Years After She Said I DoZUMI

What Happens After The Wedding? Miriam Reveals It All 2 Years After She Said I Do

If marriage worked the way they do in movies then everyone would be booking venues for weddings.

The vows said during marriage are to be taken seriously because they are more than just words that rhyme. Nowadays people write their own vows because for richer for poor, in sickness and in health just don’t cut it anymore.

Miriam who has been married for 2 years knows that all too well as she hilariously narrates the real scenario behind the marriage veil:

Life with my husband is interesting. Our fights are legendary. I’m married to a man with a temper. Yes, I know what I said. Don’t bother waiting for the part about physical violence. Some temperamental men are not wife beaters guys, keep your earrings on. So yes, legendary fights. However, nothing beats a man who is so mad at you but still loves you even though you are currently the bane of his existence. I remember a time when we had a God-awful argument, and in the morning I was up to run my own water to bathe and he got angry that I had the nerve to do that when I knew he always ran my bath water. And that now became the fight for the day.



Try not to sleep on an argument.

That’s like marriage 101, right? Sorry guys. Sometimes you will. One time, I was so angry that in my sleep, I mistakenly rolled and touched him, then remembered I hated him and rolled away so fast. He still laughs at me about that sometimes.


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We have different love languages.

My bae likes to use words. He is touchy-feely. He likes cuddles and kisses and hugs and mushiness and all that jazz. Me? Hmm. My case is in the hands of God. I’m not that bad though. I used to be romantic, I swear. But sometimes, life can affect you more than you know. Not because you are hung up on an ex, or two, but sometimes it just takes a part of you away and then your husband has to suffer it.



Marriage is gross.

I had always seen the glamorous side; you know, get dressed up and go out, perfect couple stints, IG stunting and all. But that’s like 10% of the matter. In a particularly bad couch-potato kinda month, 5%. Sometimes you want to have sex but purge will not let you be great. You fart under the duvet and nearly become a widow by your own making because the poor guy doesn’t stand a chance. Sometimes if there is too much heat and we don’t have air conditioning, cuddling is a no-no because body contact + body heat = yuck!



Warrior and worrier are kinda the same

My husband thinks I’m too serious. I’m the worrier; I’m the one that would prefer to collect all his savings from him and put in a trust somewhere he will never find it till we need it. He, on the other hand, believes “Money will always come”. Nah bruh, I ain’t taking that chance. He also likes play too much. I’d rather sit and watch series. We’re quite different, him and I. Not opposites, but different.


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It’s all good in the end

My favourite thing about my marriage is the calm and peace I feel. Do I imagine what life would have been like if I didn’t marry him, or if I stayed single? Yes. Do I sometimes want to throw him down the stairs and be done with it? Yes. And I tell him every day. What I don’t tell him is how I’d be lost without him. What I don’t tell him is that he saved me from myself and that with all his plenty flaws, (they are a LOT) I still don’t feel like I deserve him. But hopefully, someday I will figure out just how to tell him.



There you have it, ladies, you better be realistic about your expectations. Remember it’s the same guy till death do you part. Shocking Confession: My Marriage Failed Because I Killed It