Vote People! Miss Kenya 2016 Battling It Out For ‘Miss World’ Title In Washington

Miss World Kenya
The world is just days away from crowning Miss World 2016 and tensions are high. Could this be the year that beats Yolanda Masinde’s record who was a semi-finalist in the miss world competitions in 2000?

Miss World 2016 finale kicked off on the 26th of November, with beauty queens from all over the world gathering for the opening ceremony in Washington DC. This year, in total, 119 beauties from across the world are participating in the beauty contest, around 91 contestants have even participated in the Miss World Talent event.

Kenya’s representative Evelyn Njambi Thungu who replaced the dethroned Roshanara Ebrahim, will be battling it out not only to win the judges’ favour, but also to gather the most votes that could land her in the top 10 through the official Miss World App, available on the Apple app store and Google play.

Source: Miss World Kenya

Source: Miss World Kenya

From the app you(the user) will have the option to choose a maximum of 3 contestants to vote for. If you feel you could contribute some more, there is also an option to purchase a subscription to the app which allows you three more votes.

Guess what? The contestant with the most votes will win the People’s Choice Award and be guaranteed a place in the Top10. Voting is ongoing till the 18th of December at 09.00 am Eastern Standard Time / 14.00 GMT.

Let’s help our girl bring the award home via this link:


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