11 Pictures That Will Show You Vera Sidika Is Spending Serious Cash

Remember when Vera was starting out and guys were like ‘argh, she’s bleached. Or ‘argh just another groupie’ well guess  who is balling out harder than our money-hungry politicians?

Now, we are not saying that we support or dont support whatever it is she does to earn that mullah, it is her business after all though, all we are saying is, appreciate the hustle when you see it. The curvy socialite is always breaking the internet with her lavish lifestyle,  flying out of the country for “business deals” and flaunting expensive stuff on her social media.

Lately, she has been spending most of her time with her new man touring the world together and sharing the moments with her fans. But today we wont even talk about that (save for later). Lets just ogle at the balling queen.

Hate her or love her, we all at least like to look at shiny things.


1. Even business class is a problem for us woi. 


2. When your life is about one Business Class Lounge to the other. 

They're all about her while she's all about hers.

A photo posted by Vera Sidika ?? (@queenveebosset) on


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3. While the rest of us have the business class curtains shut on our faces. 

Guess I was an Air Hostess in another Life?

A photo posted by Vera Sidika ?? (@queenveebosset) on


4. Google how much this cost, divide it by your salary. 

A Glass of Champagne to start off the day.

A photo posted by Vera Sidika ?? (@queenveebosset) on


5. Yacht manenoz nini nini.   


A photo posted by Vera Sidika ?? (@queenveebosset) on


6. Only a rich queen can do this. 

Sunday fun-day. Rearranging? Happy Sunday Sweethearts. #QUEENDOM

A photo posted by Vera Sidika ?? (@queenveebosset) on


7. Or shoe stock like this.

Madam Lisa Chilling? Still working on my walk in closet…not yet complete…heading there. #Queendom

A photo posted by Vera Sidika ?? (@queenveebosset) on


8. Or have ‘his and her’ sinks like this. 

I love clean & neat bathrooms Goodnight Sweethearts Suite life ❤️

A photo posted by Vera Sidika ?? (@queenveebosset) on


9. When you and your girls do this for a random get-together. 

Champagne High Tea with the girls

A photo posted by Vera Sidika ?? (@queenveebosset) on


10. And your living room is literally royalty.

Set Life with the girls at my crib ?

A photo posted by Vera Sidika ?? (@queenveebosset) on


11.  And you have a iPhone 6 for each one of your boyfriends, haha. 

I'm such an iPhone addict. Never really got crazy about getting the iPhone 6s plus but hey, new addition to the family?

A photo posted by Vera Sidika ?? (@queenveebosset) on

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