Kenyan Girl Vanessa Kingori Becomes The Female Publisher Of Top Rated British GQ MagazineZUMI

Kenyan Girl Vanessa Kingori Becomes First Female Publisher Of Top Rated British GQ Magazine

They say if you don’t get a seat at the table, bring your own chair!

Vanessa Kingori made history in 2015 as the youngest and first female publisher of British GQ magazine. The Kenyan/Caribbean was publisher GQ’s much smaller publication,GQ style magazine, 6 years prior to her promotion.

“I was initially tasked with turning one of the company’s smaller businesses to a larger more profitable brand. “I worked hard to achieve that and maintain the success.” she told we are the city.

Vanessa recently received the Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) medal of honour from the queen. She is also the first black publisher at Conde Nast UK a reputable media company, but her resume doesn’t end there, she knows the publishing world like the back of her hand having worked for Esquire magazine and Evening Standard(ES) magazine. What all these jobs have in common is that they are all men’s magazines.

Kingori states that it was not a conscious decision to work for men’s magazines but that she’s always been comfortable being different.

Hers is an example that regardless of societal imposed gender constraints one can always pave the way and excel while doing so. A Zumi girl in every aspect if you ask us.


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