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Ray C’s Weightloss Transformation Is So Unbelievable Even Wema Sepetu Wants The Secret

Ray C has been off the Tanzanian music scene for a while considering her battle with drugs.

A year later, she has managed to make a steady comeback, weaning herself off the drugs and dipping her toes back in the music pond. It’s no doubt that her vocal talents remain unmatched but being an artist/ performer, physical and mental wellbeing also play a huge role. We all saw that her recovery process left her with a bit of weight and although beautiful, we all remember Ray C’s tiny waist and she definitely wanted her old body back.

Recently she posted her weight loss transformation on Instagram and we cannot believe how great she looks.

Source: Instagram/RayC

She did not hesitate to encourage her bestie Wema Sepetu saying:

Zipungue kilo ngapi tena hapa?😎
@wemasepetunawaita huku haraka!Hakuna Linaloshindikana chini ya Jua.

Apparently, Wema’s weight gain has been fueled by fertility pills that she’s taking:

Yaani mi sielewi jamani… Sio mimi dada yangu… Dawa zinaniponza mie… Na naziacha… 😩😩😩

Ray C was quick to reassure her:

Pole wangu!inabidi uzikatie tu Hakuna namna!!Inaezekana kabisa yaani believe me!a good trainer!proper diet!less than a year utaniambia!uamuzi tu!i know u can! @wemasepetu


Well, this might be tricky for her, she wants babies and a banging body at the same time, she better pick one but Ray C is such a good friend for wanting her to look as great as she does.

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