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3 Lessons That Will Help You Get Over Your Ex And Have You Moving On To The Next!

It may hurt but trust me your pain was not in vain.

Yes, it’s over but the lessons learned from the relationship are invaluable but to recognize what they are you need to move away from feeling like the break-up is the end of you. It really is not and in time you will get over it. So to help you along the way to healing here are three things that if pondered upon might help you heal your heart quicker.

1. He’s taught you how to recognize the good man when you see him

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If the reason for your break up was because of him messing up, then be glad he did because he was the lesson you needed to be able to recognize the difference between a man who is worthy of your time and affection and one who is not.

2. You now know the difference between a dreamer and doer

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If at the beginning of the relationship the man your with has done nothing to get closer to the dreams he talked about when you first met and for the most, you feel like you have to do it for him, then it is a dreamer that your dating. You want to be with someone who matches your productive levels, whose driven and ambitious, and with every chance he gets, his aim will be getting better at his pursuits.

3. You’ve learned not to give up the cookie to quickly

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Don’t be the woman who gives it up so easily because in the end you will feel used. At the end of the day, it is not the man who chooses the woman he will sleep with it is the woman who allows it to happen. So next time keep the cookie in the jar for as long as possible lest you increase your body count for another loser.

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Always remember that what doesn’t break you will make you. You will get over this breakup and you will come out stronger from it too.

Don’t invest loving a loser, here is why!


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