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Almost 2 Weeks Later, Kylie Jenner’s Post Baby Body Is Unbelievable!

We often sit and wonder if celebrity bodies are different from us regardless of all the plastic surgery.

It’s almost a fortnight since baby Stormi made her debut and as we are awaiting her debut via photo shoot her mother was spotted out and about for the first time since giving birth.

Kylie looks like she was just carrying a burger in her uterus because nothing has changed much apart from a bit more curves that she’s sporting. She was accompanied by her friend Jordyn Woods.

Here’s her before and after:

Source: Instagram/Hottopicsdaily

She looks great but unfortunately, that’s not what people were most concerned about. Most of them were busy wondering what kind of mother she is to be leaving a 10-day old child at home to run errands.

Clearly, people cannot mind their own business

sa_haiiWhere is the baby? She has just 10 days and her mother does not keep her with her, thus she is not to breastfeed? I do not even understand how she can be away from her baby of 10 days.

touchedbymoni ummmm why she not at home she not supposed to be outside yet


Others defended her

phoenixsirenYou do not have to stay in the house for 6 weeks after having a baby. You cant have sex for 6 weeks but you are free to leave the house and go about your business.


Some saw what we saw

_kiarasymoneshe has gotten thick 😍


All we can say is, she looks great for someone who has just given birth as all women who have do. Give her a few weeks and she’ll be back to her pre-baby self.

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