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You Have To Try This Nicka K Lipstick Like Yesterday

This is a must have for every girl and the more colours you have the better!

Whether you want to go matte or glossy with lipstick is up to you, but which girl is not completely obsessed with lipstick? How you want or do your makeup totally depends on your vibe, but in the end the fun part is all the choices of lipstick colour!

Nicka K lipstick- Zumi


Nicka K lippies have given you the option of choosing between their matte and glossy lipsticks and to be honest, it can be tough choice so why not do both? We know by now that our lips could use a bit of ‘off’ time from the matte because it can dry them out so you have an excuse to use both!

Nicka K lipsticl- Zumi


Both have their advantages but first thing’s first, this is what you should do before applying any lipstick. Your lips need some TLC too.

1. Scrub

Yes, that refers to your lips. Ever noticed how the lipstick settles in tiny spots on your lips? Exfoliating will leave your lips feeling smoother.

nicka k lipstick- Zumi

Source: Thriftanista In The City


2. Primer

Apply a hydrating lip primer. It will keep your lipstick firmly in place and keep it from settling in to any dryness on your lips. Just like face primer, it’s important to have a base for your lipstick.

Nicka K lipstick- Zumi



3. Moisturize before

Apply lip balm before you apply any matte lipstick to your lips. This forms a good moisture-filled base and your lips won’t feel as dry.

Nicka K lipstick- Zumi



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Pick your fav lippie, whether it’s matte or gloss and rock your look for the day. You’ll be sure to get some complements with these amazing lipstick!



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