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6 Things You Have To Know Before Dying Your Natural Hair

Natural hair
Getting a new hairstyle or hair colour cane be a great experience and way to signify a fresh start.

But new hairstyles can be tricky, and new hair colours even trickier. But to prepare to here are some tips.


1. Deep conditioning is a must.

Because of the colouring, you have to bump up deep conditioning to a minimum of onceĀ a week.

Natural Hair

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2. DIY is possible.

If you are just looking for one tone darker colour it is possible to do it at home

Natural hair

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3. Avoid peroxide.

Peroxide strips your hair and dries it out, it is a bit difficult to find peroxide free dye but it is the best choice.



4. Doesn’t have to be permanent.

Some people dye their hair then grow out the dyed areas, and some get a temporary dye thatĀ fades after some time. This is an option that is open to you.

Natural hair

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5. There’s levels to this sh*t.

You can have highlights done for a pop of colour or go all out and do your whole head. However, the risk of chemical damage is higher with a full head dye job.

Natural hair

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6. For the first time you dye, go see a professional.

Colouring your hair is complicated nd yu need a lot of information to do it correctly. So do your research and head to a trusted professional.

Natural hair

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But do not fear coloured healthy natural hair is achievable so take the leap!



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