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Things That Happen When Your Tampon Stays In Too Long

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That time of the month is here and boy, don’t we all hate it!

We all know we should regularly change out tampons (those of us who use them). The most common health risk that is known when it comes to sanitaries is TSS  (Toxic shock Syndrome) but there’s other things that will happen to your body when you stay with your tampon in for too long.



Your vaginal walls will become dry and this may lead to some discomfort. Nothing a bit of lube can’t fix.

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2. Infections.

You’re at risk of contracting TSS. Good thing is that this is a very rare condition. Either way, you should be aware of this. It doesn’t have to be TSS; you can contract other bacterial infections. If you notice anything odd, see a gynae immediately.

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3. Odour. 

What’s that fishy smell? (pun intended) When the blood starts interacting with your body’s bacteria, it develops an odour. The longer you wear a tampon, the more bacteria that’s present, and, well, the smellier the situation gets.

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4. Discharge.

If you’re having a heavy flow and you don’t change your tampon, it will eventually leak out and cause a mess!

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As much as nothing may actually happen to you after having the same tampon of for ages, better safe than sorry!
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