6 Tips To Giving Your Man The Best Oral Sex That Will Leave Him Begging For MercyZUMI

6 Tips To Giving Your Man The Best Oral Sex That Will Leave Him Begging For Mercy

When it comes to matters sex, we just can’t get enough.

What’s the point of sex if it doesn’t leave the both of you completely satisfied? Exactly. There are so many different ways you and your partner can experiment with to make sure you make the most of each other before actual sex happens. Foreplay is such an important part of your sex life and for a lot of women, it’s usually just it. Sensual kissing and touching, fingering and oral sex can take both you and your partner to another planet for just those few minutes.

Speaking of oral sex, that’s going to be our focus. You may be a bit shy especially if you’re doing it for the first time but these tips will help you out and leave your man begging for more. Like, what’s better than knowing you blew his mind in bed!


1. Position

Whichever position is most comfortable with you, get into it. You can do a 69 if you want some action too.

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2. Get it wet

First things first, you need to get things juicy, literally. Build up a lot of saliva in your mouth and go down on him. The more lubricated things are, the better the experience will be for him and the easier for you. You can go the extra mile and play with different foods like whipped cream.

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3. Length

Don’t worry if he’s a mandingo type of guy. Length is not everything when it comes to giving head. He is most sensitive part is the tip of his penis. You don’t have to shove the thing all the way into your mouth but if you can, do it slowly. Make sure you’re in control of how deep you go to avoid gagging.

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4. Suck suck suck

However you choose to use your tongue, we are sure he will enjoy the hell out of it. Lick the tip of his penis and switch things up by going up and down. use your hands to stroke his dick up and down as you use your mouth too. Make sure to avoid using your teeth girl.

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5. The balls

Don’t leave his balls out of everything. They are sensitive and need some action. Put each into your mouth and suck on it while slightly pulling on it. Be very gentle.

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6. To swallow or not?

This depends wholly on you. If you find it disgusting you don’t have to and he should understand. If you’re freaky like that, you might as well get some of that ‘protein’ right…

head tips- Zumi

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