These Kebabs 5 Ways Are The Perfect Starter For That Party You're PlanningZUMI

These Kebabs 5 Ways Are The Perfect Starter For That Party You’re Planning

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Kebabs make a perfect snack for bitings at any event, whether it’s a huge party or you’re planning a small gathering with your close friends.

They are fun to make because you can get creative and add whatever veggies and meats you prefer. They’re also very easy too which is why it’s a quick option for any party planner. If you’re having a party anytime soon and you don’t want the hustle of cooking full meals, include these tasty kebabs in your menu and we are sure your guests will be impressed.

1. Steakhouse kebab

This is the classic kebab that has delicious marinated cubed beef, mushroom and some potatoes in between. Try this recipe

kebab- Zumi

Source: Food Lion


2. Bacon beef

Of course, bacon should be added for that delicious smokey taste. Get the recipe

kebab- Zumi

Source: Simply Scratch


3. Barbecue chicken kebabs

Chicken cooks so fast so you can make these last minute. Get the recipe

kebab- Zumi

Source: Cooktoria


4. Veggie kebab

Fill up your skewer with bell peppers and any other veggie you like and put them on a grill. Click here for the recipe

kebab- Zumi

Source: Taste


5. Teriyaki pork kebabs

That sauce will do things in your mouth! See this delicious recipe 

kebabs- Zumi

Source: iLoveCooking


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