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The Karate Grandmas Of Kenya Are Fighting To Protect Themselves

Karate Grandmas
According to the Gender Recovery Centre at Nairobi Women’s Hospital 223 out of 2,300 rape cases involve women over 60 years old.

Rape cases are most prevalent in slums and these women do not receive a pension and do not have the option of just staying indoors for their safety. To survive they run small stores or sell vegetables and while en route to their daily hustle is when they are most vulnerable to attacks.

Sexual violence has risen as a result of rural-urban migration which has not been matched by employment resulting in higher crime levels. At the same time, the rapists believe that the older women are free from STDs and HIV/AIDS.


However, these women are now fighting back meet the older women of Korogocho who gather weekly to train in a mixture of Karate, Kung-Fu and Taekwondo with Sheila Kariuki and Julius Maina.

“He touched my neck and I boxed him,” explained 55-year-old Jane who fought off a man who tried to rape her.

The training has empowered the women and helped them feel safer in the daily lives and formed a wonderful community of support among themselves.


Kudos to these brave women who refuse to give up!



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