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The Girls That Get The Guys- What They Do Different

Ever wondered why you’ve been scoring sore losses every time you end up with a guy?

Maybe it’s time you changed your tactics when it comes to the dating game. Men (the good ones) find a certain type of woman attractive and would rather be with such ladies when considering serious or long term relationships.

If he’s looking for fun  for sure he will take you for a ride, but this is only if you let him. Here’s what the girls who score good men do, or don’t.


1. They are not easy. 

One night stands don’t count (we’ve all had them, and if you haven’t you should at least once). They make a guy work and work very hard for them because they know there are plenty of fish in the sea and a player can be dropped in a heartbeat.

nene leakes giff- Zumi



2. She doesn’t have time for the bullsh*t. 

These Kenyan men can really play with us. As much as two can play that game, who has the time honestly? It’s better to just leave rather than waste your time and stoop to the level of these f*ckboys.

no bullshit giff- Zumi



3. No compromise is given when it comes to the basics. 

Sometimes we may really fall off when it comes to doing what’s best for ourselves. It’s time to stop. If he doesn’t give you the most crucial things a relationship requires do not tell yourself this is okay because it is not and you will be one miserable woman!

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4. They are not in denial. 

We’ve all at one point had our heads in a bubble. Telling ourselves what we want to hear and not what the real deal is when our dude is on some sh*t. This woman does not have her head in the sand when it comes to certain situations.

head in the sand giff- Zumi



5. They focus on their strengths. 

We all have insecurities. Anyone who says they don’t is a big fat liar (like we used to say in baby class). As much as we do, it’s not cute to play victim and it’s good to realize your strengths and focus on these. The more you consider yourself bomb, the more a man will do the same.

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6. They are fine on their own. 

It’s good to be independent of any man. It’s important to do and focus on things and people who give you a full life. A plus for this is also being able to walk away from any guys who are not worthy of you.

im good im better than fine giff- Zumi