Here Is Why We Should All Be Switching To Crotchet BraidsZumi

Here Is Why We Should All Be Switching To Crotchet Braids

Crochet braids have quickly become a favorite among naturals who are protective styling. As a former “bundles girl”, I love the versatility and realistic look of crochet braids.

Just to clarify, crochet braids are a styling technique that involves braiding your hair into a cornrow base.  Just like with a sew-in, various braiding patterns are used for different looks – straight back, circular and more.  After your hair has been braided, loose (bulk) hair is attached to the cornrows using a latch hook, which is how this style got its name – “crochet braids.” Here is why we absolutely love the hairstyle:

– Inexpensive
– Quick (the entire style took about an hour and a half)
– Time saver when getting ready in the morning
– Hair is installed piece by piece so you can still care for your hair vs. being installed track by track with a sew-in

Source: Amadiva

This style can become tricky to navigate, but here are some helpful tips that will aid you on your crochet journey. All hair brands are not created equal! If you’re a natural who wants to experiment with silky or curly hair textures, use caution. Those textures are more prone to heavy shedding. The benefit of using a Marley texture is that it will lock at the base of the braid and will also blend seamlessly, bearing a striking resemblance to kinky/curly hair textures.

Source: Amadiva

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to remember:

DO find hair that closely resembles the texture of your own
DON’T create large parts that will create a distinction between your hair and the crochet
DO try the knotless method so that the crochet will appear to grow from your scalp
DON’T forget to smooth edges if you opt for a silky texture of braiding hair

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Now you are ready to enjoy your crochet braids! Beware of countless stares!
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