Sleeping With Your Boyfriend's Friend: Two Kenyan Women Tell Us Why They Confessed!?ZUMI

Sleeping With Your Boyfriend’s Friend: Two Kenyan Women Tell Us Why They Confessed

unhappy partner- Zumi
Girls some things are so unnecessary and you should stay away from drama at all times.

‘Grown up and still making rookie mistakes that college girls are making in their early twenties’. This is definitely a feeling many women who end up sleeping with the wrong men say to themselves. Sleeping with an ex you never want to see again, a friend’s boyfriend, a boyfriend’s friend, your boss or a married man are all situations that could and have probably happened to you.

Many people have been presented with tempting offers and have ended up being strong enough to say No while others have been caught in the spider’s web either because they were at a bad place, drunk or just messed up.

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Sleeping with your boyfriend’s friend is one of those sticky situations that are very hard to handle. Regardless of the reason, the morning after is filled with a lot of guilt and the recurring thought is always,’ Do I tell him?’Many of you are shaking your heads thinking that it is a bad idea and that confessing is just the beginning of problems.

Well, these women took the plunge and jumped. They share their reasons for confessing and how it went down after.

Cynthia* 26

I had been dating my boyfriend for two months and unlike my ex, he was attentive to every conversation we had, he was generous, kind and the most handsome man I had ever met. Our first month was bliss, I actually felt like we had been dating each other for longer because we spent every evening together after work and the weekends were all taken up by trips to the coast together. I think he was perfect. In the second month, we started hanging out with his friends who seemed really nice too and getting to know them was a big step in our relationship. He kept talking about his best friend called Patrick who had traveled to Kisumu and I was honestly looking forward to meeting his best friend.

When the day came to meeting him, I was so shocked to find out that it was the same guy I had met over new year’s party in Mombasa.I did not know how he would react but I later told my boyfriend that I had slept with his best friend thinking that he would understand that it was a one time thing and it would never happen again!Sadly he was not as understanding as I thought and he dumped me saying that he cannot be with women his friends have shagged! And that was it!

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Zahari 29*

I met this fantastic guy who swept me off my feet from the moment we met. He was funny, intelligent and had something to say about everything, which is something I liked about him. A few months into the relationship, he got a promotion and moved to Uganda and I thought long distance would not make the relationship made in heaven collapse. I hanged out with some of his friends sometimes and we all went visiting once every two months but theĀ  beautiful story was doomed the day I went drinking with one of his closest friends.

One thing led to another and the rest is simply history. For the longest time, I decided not to tell my boyfriend and it seemed that the secret was safe until his friend started sending me threatening texts asking me to sleep with him again otherwise he would tell on me. This was the moment when I decided to tell my boyfriend and as expected he was angry at me, his friend and he did talk to me for a week. After two weeks he asked to meet and he actually told me that he had forgiven me. We are now married with a child on the way! I am blessed to have him in my life.

What would do? Confess or not? This woman tells us how to cope withher hubby’s annoying friends.
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