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Simple Foundation Makeup Tutorial With NYX Powder Foundation

Nyx foundation tutorial- Zumi
Do you sometimes watch makeup tutorials on Youtube and think how complicated it all looks?

Well, applying makeup can be a task, especially for beginners and it can get frustrating. Getting a shade that is right for your skin tone is hard enough, let alone getting down to putting it on and achieving a natural look.

If you’re having this problem, this article is for you. Consider your face a canvas and you an artist. You need to know all the steps it takes to achieve that perfect beat face.

First, clean up. Always start by applying makeup on a fresh face. After making sure your face is well cleansed, apply a moisturizer and a primer as a base for your makeup.

applying foundation- Zumi

Source: YouTube

Once you’re done with this, it’s time to apply your foundation and make sure to blend it around your jawline and neck area.

applying foundation gif- Zumi

Source: YouTube

I’m sure we’ve all seen those not-so-well-blended looks showing a line where the foundation ends, and it is not cute.

Nyx makeup tutorial- Zumi

Source: Target

NYX foundation is great because it also gives coverage and you won’t really need a concealer to go with your makeup. Kill two birds with one stone. If you have oily skin, thank God for their matte foundations. Matte gives you a natural look with less shine, making your makeup stay longer throughout the day.

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