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Signs You Had A Good Weekend (Which You’ll Probably Regret Later)

It’s Monday again and you’re wondering why and how the weekend ends so fast.

Maybe it should have been three days instead of two? Either way, Monday will eventually reach, but there’s a few things that show you had an amazing weekend and it was worth it, no matter how short it may have been!


1.Your body hurts.

Yeah, you have aches all over from God-knows-what you were doing; probably dancing and maybe falling. The later, most probably.

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2. Your purse is completely empty.

You had withdrawn some money for the week and ended up spending all of it so now you have to live from hand to mouth that entire week. Thank God you left that extra change at mama mboga so at least you’ll eat some greens for one or two days.

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3. You lost or ruined something.

Well other than your reputation, you probably lost something in the sweet chaos of the events; hopefully not your phone though.

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4. You go through your dialled contacts…

…and find your ex as one of them and the conversation lasted a few minutes. Oh no…

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5. Your phone keeps buzzing.

There are a million and one photos coming in on your Whatsapp from your friendsĀ as evidence of what an epic time it was.

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6. You look at the receipts…

…and can’t remember ordering that bottle of gin because you don’t drink gin (but your drunk self does) and wonder how everything came to that shocking total.

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7. You scroll through your messages and you have numerous texts from numerous unknowns asking if you are okay.

You may have made some friends along the way during your weekend but you don’t remember any of them leave alone giving out your contacts.

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8. You had a walk of shame at least one day of the weekend.

As you were on your way home, someone you know was probably on their way to church and you have to come up with a lie quick enough (though you probably smell like a bar and they won’t believe you).

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9. You have some memory loss.

You can’t quite remember the details of the night, though you have flashbacks and honestly, you’d rather not even have remembered the little that you do.

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10. You can’t stop talking about the weekend

You talk about it with your friends all week and can’t wait to have another one, though it’s going to be a while. Recovery is much needed.

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