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Sexy Dancer In Rihanna’s ‘Lemon’ Video Tells Us How It Felt To Have The Singer Shave Her Bald

Mette Towly- Zumi
If you haven’t watched N.E.R.D and Rihanna’s ‘Lemon’ video, you should.

We can thirst over Riri all day every day but Mette Towley is the sexy dancer we couldn’t help but drool over for those three minutes. She comes out so strongly in the video especially with that twist at the beginning where Rihanna shaves off all her hair. We wouldn’t mind, as long as it’s Rihanna.

Mette has been a dancer for years, Pharrell, featuring in ‘Girl’ in 2013. She did an interview with The FADER telling us all about her experience working with Riri and how it was having her shaved bald.

“By the time we got to that scene, I was so ready for my head to be shaved. I had been rehearsing with my hair pulled back, I knew it was coming. For myself, those two scenes — the room, to the swap meet — I knew that I wanted to play that dynamically. I was sitting on that floor and she was shaving my head — I look a little malaised.”

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“I think that came from an authentic place like, I’m ready to be transformed through this performance. After, when I looked in mirror, I was like, Wow, this really feels like my internal body and feelings are being reflected in my exterior body. By that time, I was pulling my hair back for rehearsal, I was flicking it back because I would sweat and it would come out of my ponytail. I was ready. Obviously, to have a prolific artist to shave my head was incredible. I just really respect her.”

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“It’s not about the hair. It’s about my physical presence — how I was able to commit was because of this incredible team and what we did together. It was a transformation for me. I remember being in college at the University of Minnesota and my professor said, ‘There’s going to be a day where you’re going to realize that you’ve been transformed by dance and performance and who you know yourself to be is going to become greater.'”

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“This is that project for me. I finally had that light go off where I was able to stand strong and be, but be in ways that I never imagined. Just fearless. I look at that character, which is modeled after me, I embody that. I want women around the world to get that and feel it. I want people to appreciate the dance. Dance is transformative.”


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