Sex Myths You Would Not Believe Some Kenyan Women Live ByZumi

Sex Myths You Would Not Believe Some Kenyan Women Live By

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Sex the reason we are all here and a very controversial topic. And because it is a controversial topic, there are many myths around it. Myths that are hilarious, a little scary and definitely need to be busted.


 “Umenikalia chapati”

This is actually done, right now there is a woman serving her significant other chapati that she has sat on to make sure he falls for her.

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Douching with vinegar

To prevent pregnancy some women douche with vinegar… no, just no the most likely out come is an infection.

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This terrifying meme.

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It is perfectly okay to fake your orgasms.

If you keep faking it, the message sent to your partner is that they are doing it right when they are not. It is much better, to be honest with your partner so that sex is a pleasurable experience for everyone involved.

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Men are not naturally monogamous.

Men who cheat are not the norm, this rumor needs to die. But also couples who have been monogamous for decades exist so…

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What other sex myths have you heard?
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