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Your Hairline Will Definitely Thank You If You Do These

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We all know the struggle that is maintaining your hairline.

What, with all the braiding and relaxing, your hairline is rarely given any TLC and this is a major cause of a thinning hairline also referred to as traction alopecia. If you have a struggling hairline, you know how hard it is to get your hair to grow back.

This can be avoided by simply using good hair products and styling your hair in the right way. Though it really does seem like rocket science most times.


1. Avoid tying your hair back too tight.

This creates tension on your hairline which will cause it to cut. If you want to hold your hair in this way, make sure it’s loosely tied.

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2. Stimulating your hairline.

It’s good to regularly massage your scalp and especially on your hairline with products that have natural oils like shea butter or that have Vitamin A which plays an important part in the growth and maintenance of the follicles. Massaging the hairline also stimulates growth.

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3. Hair products.

When buying your hair products, avoid those that have alcohol and other harsh chemicals because they dry out the hair, which is not good for your hairline because the hair is fragile.

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4. Protective styling.

Give your hair a break from those much-loved braids and opt for other protective styles like lines. Keeping it simple is the best way to go because your hair won’t go through the stress of constant combing.

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5. Braiding.

We all know how those Kenyatta Market women ‘gawa’ small chunks of hair like WTH! When braiding, make sure your hair is divided into not-so-small portions and especially on the hairline because this will cause tension and leads to cutting.

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6. Wigs.

We all love a good sown-in weave, but you might want to save a few thousands and invest in a good wig and thanks to lace closures, it will look as natural as possible.

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