5 Reasons It’s Fine You’re Not Exactly Where You Expected To Be In Life

Maybe it’s all the people on your Facebook announcing their engagement/wedding/baby shower. Or the promotion that illudes you or maybe you just really want abs and can’t seem to get there.


1. Insecurity is part of being human.

Everyone is insecure about something whether it’s their body, how they laugh, there is a long list of possibilities. What is important for all us to do is work towards loving ourselves

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2. Your perfect match will come.

In the meantime, you can work on being a remarkable person to fall in love with.

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3. Careers have ups and downs.

So just keep being proactive at your job or business and things will pan out.

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4. Owning a home is especially hard in Kenya.

So it is absolutely fine that you haven’t moved into or built your perfect house yet. Keep your eye on the prize, make smart money choices and save… save… save.

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5. All things end including the rut you are stuck in.

Whether it’s your relationship, work, or plagued with wanderlust. You will not be stuck in the same place forever.

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It’s perfectly fine that you do not have Olivia Pope’s career, or Kerry Washington’s personal life. Your life is in forward motion even if it does not always feel that way.
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