Photographer Osborne Macharia's Latest Project Is Your Sponsor's Squad GoalsZUMI

Photographer Osborne Macharia’s Latest Project Is Your Sponsor’s Squad Goals

Photographer Osborne Macharia always gets it right with his projects.

He’s great at putting a new spin of creativity and transforming the old into new in such an artistically pleasing way. His latest project is a testament of this. He collaborated with fashion stylist Kevo Abbra to honour the stylist’s father who was a tailor.

The project titled THE RETURN OF THE RUDE BOY is a tribute to Kevo Abbra’s father by his former friends and colleagues in the tailoring industry in the ghetto who began fusing their own designs with the readily available thrift-store collectibles. Every now and then they set up tribute shows in different hoods in Nairobi and model their latest collections, a testimony to the visionary that he was. The following are images from their Tribute Show in Kibera.

Little is known about them till now….

If this isn’t the coolest dad on the planet! Those pants make him look like he’s about to star in a black eyed peas music video

Source: Instagram/Osborne Macharia


The fact that this man can pull off overalls and canvas at his age is so inspiring. This outfit is unisex too. You and bae can match next time.

Source: Instagram/Osborne Macharia


When is the next Reggaefest? Because this outfit is something your man can rock to the event

Source: Instagram/ Osborne Macharia


We might just call him Zaddy at this point. This is the kind of swag we want our husbands to have when they hit 60. 

Source: Instagram Macharia


Is your dad this swagged out? Osborne has been making moves globally Kenyan Photographer Osborne Macharia’s Images Used On Ads In New York City

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